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St James's Chuch, Alnwick

Restoration of stained glass windows, St James's Church, Alnwick.

The restoration of stained glass windows at St James's Church in Alnwick began in February 2006. Movement in the building, the elements, vandalism and time had all taken their toll on the windows.

  • The panels were removed from their frames and brought back to the studio.
  • A 'cartoon' rubbing is taken to show the design.
  • The panel is broken down to it's individual glass pieces which are then carefully cleaned.
  • Rebuilding begins by leading the panel, working on top of the 'cartoon' to follow the original design.
  • Each lead joint is soldered.
  • The panel is then cemented to give it strength and to make it watertight.
  • The finished window is reinstated into its stone mullion.

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